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OUTWUD stands for Aesthetics and Sustainability



OUTWUD is a brand promoted by a seasoned group of professionals from the building & construction industry.


OUTWUD is the first brand to focus exclusively on sustainable, modified exterior grade woods giving consumers the joy of using a beautiful natural material, responsibly.


All OUTWUD products have highly improved performance and aesthetics as compared to normal, unmodified woods. They develop a beautiful silver grey patina overtime it left untreated. Besides the looks, all OUTWUD products come from FSC certified manufacturers sourcing raw wood from sustainable, responsible forestry.


OUTWUD aims at giving the consumers a highly suitable alternative to traditional woods like Ipe, cumaru, teak etc which due to suspect origins, are destroying our fragile environment.


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Our team is equipped with in depth know how on wood in general & OUTWUD in particular. Consequently, we are able to provide quality consultation on what to use, how to use & when to use.



We provide no obligation, free of cost estimation service based on your CAD drawings or if need be, corroborate with actual site measurements.

Installation supervision

Installation supervision

We have an in house highly trained technical supervision team which ensures a quality job via the installation contractors.

Lifecycle support

Lifecycle support

Our work does not end with supply or post installation. We provide long term maintenance contracts and advisory on the most economical and technically feasible way to maintain OUTWUD .

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