Vulcan+ Cladding

A renewable alternative to lpe cladding


Created from thermally modified plantation timber and engineered with a patented vertical grain construction, OUTWUD Vulcan+ is the gold standard in solid-wood claddings. It is available pre-treated with a 25 years* anti-termite treatment warranty ensuring a long and trouble free life.


Vulcan+ Cladding is a renewable alternative to Ipe cladding.

Available in a range of architectural profiles like Hector secret fix & the bevel back, it is finished in Elements Protector Oil – Outwud’s high performance plant based exterior oil.


Beautiful. Stable. Durable.


* Please refer to the warranty document for full details.

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Color Options

Graphite Protector

Graphite Protector

Manuka Protector

Manuka Protector

Pearl Protector

Pearl Protector

Straw Protector

Straw Protector

Patina Protector

Patina Protector

Walnut Protector

Walnut Protector

Walnut Osmo

Walnut Osmo

Technical Details

Wood species:


Width X Thickness (mm):

145 X 20mm coverage 123mm


1.8, 2.4, 3.0 – fixed lengths (subject to availability)

Quality Select Grade:

Front face and edges virtually free of any defects but with one edge knot and one small face defect allowed per piece in 20% of boards only. Back side with some defects allowed.

Click here for Appearance grade.

Substrate Colour:

Chocolate brown. (Timber will weather to grey unless a pigmented coating is applied and maintained.)


Fine bandsawn face.

Moisture Content:

Approximately 7% MC (+/- 2%) at the time of dispatch from factory.


Laminated with vertical grain orientation.


Purbond HBC – VOC, solvent and formaldehyde free new generation polyurethane adhesive.

Exterior Type 1 – AS/NXS4364.


NZ Pat. 601245


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Please click here to enlarge image.

Protector Oil

Protector Oil and wood are best friends. Protector Oil is a premium exterior wood oil made up of natural plant oils like tung oil, pine oil, eucalyptus oil and natural waxes. Natural tones are created using earth oxide pigments. Protector Oil will provide your wood with the nourishment it needs to fight daily battles against water and ultra violet rays. Protector Oil is penetrating wood oil and will not create a film on the surface of the wood – which can later blister and crack.


Use Protector Wood Oil for decking, weatherboards, cladding and exterior wood applications where beauty and durability are required. This product deemed to be ”low VOC” at 65g/litre by weight.

Click here to download maintenance instructions.




Preventor is a slow release mould killer, designed for situations where moss and mould is persistent. Preventor does contain low toxicity biodegradable preservatives, similar to what are found in some of our timber treatments.
Spray onto dry wood and let Preventor do the work.


Rejuvenator is an oxygenating cleaner, for use when your situation is dire. The ingredients are biodegradable and non-bio accumulative.Rejuvenator will remove mould and brighten up your wood surface, simply by harnessing the power of oxygen.


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